Tire Rotation

Save Big on Tire Costs with Regular Rotation

Your tires do a lot for your car: They provide traction to help keep you safe, affect gas mileage to save you money, and influence the comfort of your ride. And tires can be an expensive proposition to replace, so it just makes good sense to do everything possible to protect your tires and get the longest life out of them.

The easiest way to keep your tires in good shape is by having them rotated on a regular basis; at least once a year… maybe more often if you drive a lot of miles.

Benefits of Regular Tire Rotation

Rotating the tires helps even the wear, to get more miles out of the set. And, while they’re rotating the tires, your local Cottman center technician will check and adjust the tire pressure, to provide the best balance between handling, economy, and comfort.

While the tires are off the car they’ll also check the condition of the tires. The technicians look for wear patterns that might indicate an alignment problem and any sign of cracks, tears, or snags that might lead to a safety issue.

While the wheels are off, they’ll also perform a cursory brake and suspension check, to look for any other problems in the offing. And they’ll let you know whether there’s anything you need to take care of right away, or something you’ll need to keep an eye on for service later.

Have Your Tires Rotated at Cottman

So, to keep your car safe, efficient, and comfortable, and to get more miles out of your tires, bring your car to your nearby Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care center for a complete tire rotation. It’s the easiest, most convenient way to protect your investment… and your family.

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