Auto Repair Services

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Auto Repair Services

Cottman specializes in auto repair and service for cars, trucks and RVs, both foreign and domestic.

The trained and certified technicians at your local Cottman center can identify the problem your car is having quickly. They are familiar with all parts of a wide range of vehicles, and know how to identify your car’s symptoms in order to guide them to the root cause of the problem.

So, when you bring your car to your nearby Cottman center with any range of auto repair problems, you can be sure that you’ll never pay for work that isn’t necessary. You’ll only pay for legitimate procedures and necessary repairs. Nothing else.

If you see one of those annoying lights on your dash come on, if your electrical system is giving you problems, your vehicle just isn’t running correctly, or it’s time for routine maintenance or an oil change, give your local Cottman a call. They know how to diagnose your vehicle’s problem and fix it properly. That’s our promise to you.

All Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care centers abide by Cottman’s complete service philosophy, which calls for your vehicle to be repaired properly the first time, so that you don’t have to lose either time or money.

We will road test your car, perform our FREE and exclusive TransCheck 21 PLUS Service® and examine the vehicle to determine how your auto repair problem can be fixed most efficiently and cost effectively.

Cottman will never compromise its standards just to make a vehicle “superficially driveable.” We will never perform a low quality service that would result in increased costs, inconvenience, and possible hazardous driving conditions for our customers.

Cottman’s status, reputation, and growth are a direct result of our commitment to quality standards, parts, and warranties, as well as our commitment to our customers.

Engine Services

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Expert Engine Replacement and Repair at Cottman

Our technicians are trained & certified experts in engine service & repair.

Engine Replacement
Starter Replacement

Regular Maintenance

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Cottman is your go-to service center for regular maintenance!

Our Cottman technicians are experts with regularly scheduled maintenance!

Oil Changes
Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Electrical Systems

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Cottman is trained and certified at electrical system repair.

Trust the Cottman experts with your vehicle’s electrical system repair.

Computer Diagnostics
Alternator Repair

Cottman Keeps You Rolling Along

Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care