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Reasons to Have Your
Transmission Checked

Your transmission keeps your car moving!  It’s important to get your transmission and fluid level checked at every oil change! To help you know when your transmission requires attention, we’ve come up with this handy checklist.

  • Your engine races, but your car doesn’t move or lags way behind.
  • Your Check Engine light is on.
  • You find reddish fluid on the ground under the front or middle of your car.
  • Your car lurches or bucks when driving or reversing.
  • You experience harsh shifting.
  • Your car shakes or vibrates as you accelerate or shift.
  • You hear abnormal noises when you put your car in “Drive” or “Reverse”.
  • Your vehicle won’t move, or it races after turning a corner.
  • Your car won’t move forward or in reverse.
  • Your acceleration lacks power.
  • Your car won’t shift.
  • You experience poor gas mileage.

If your vehicle experiences any of these symptoms, you know it’s time to bring it into your closest Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care location for a checkup.

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