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Reasons to Have Your
Brakes Checked

Your brakes are an important part of your vehicle, and to make sure they’re functioning properly, they should be visually checked once a year or every 25,000 miles. To help you know when your brakes require attention, we’ve come up with this handy checklist:

You hear a grinding noise that goes away when the brakes are released.

  • Your brake pedal is soft, spongy, or low to the Floor.
  • Your brake pedal drifts to the floor when you’re stopped at a light.
  • Your brake pedal is harder than normal.
  • When you apply the brakes, your car pulls to either side.
  • One or more wheels lock up when you brake.
  • Upon braking, your steering wheel shimmies or turns in either direction.
  • Your car vibrates when you hit the brakes.
  • Your emergency brake travels farther than normal.
  • You find wetness on the inside of your tires.
  • Your car is hard to get moving when you release the brakes.
  • The ABS Light is on.

If your vehicle experiences any of these symptoms, you know it’s time to bring it into your closest Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care location for a checkup.

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